Our services are divided by 3 main categories: Hardwares, Solutions and Outsource. In order to follow-up technological advances; we proudly provide a wide range of services which one of the main category is hardwares, with the strong relation with our business partners are Tandberg Data, Infortrend, ATTO Technology Inc, ; Emulex, Brocade.

Starting from the year 2001 up to present, we have maintained our partnership. We have been standing out for 13 years to comprehend recent technology not only about Hardwares but also one of the critical matters which is Solutions. In the manner of strong correlation with our partners conducting contribution for sophisticated Solution, available from SOHO up to Data Center for Information Management and Information Security through Symantec and NetIQ/SUSE/Novell under The Attachmate Group where we believe we could administer optimum results.

The Last main Category is Outsource which is concentrated to deliver complete Disaster Recovery, on-site maintenance, Training, System Design and so many more.

We have strong commitment to contribute appropriate action professionally with reliable human resources endorsement and assistance for your business accomplishment.



  • Hardwares


    Tandberg Data            :                                                 Spectra Logic              :

    Infortrend                   :


    ATTO Technology     :

    EMULEX                      :

    Brocade                        :

    LTO Single Tape, Autoloaders, Libraries, RDX Drives, NAS Storage and LTO Media

    Enterprise Mixed Media Tapes/RAID Libraries for Open System and IBM iSeires

    Direct Attach Storage / Fiber Channel, Storage Area Network / ip SAN, SATA / SCSI, SAS / FC, Disk Arrays

    FC SAN Peripherals, FC HBA, FC/IP Bridge, FC Managed Hub, ISCSI   Bridge

    Storage Networking FC HBA & Switches

    Storage Networking FC & Switches

  • Solutions


    Data Storage Management Solution: Automated Centralized Offline/ Online backup, Disaster Recovery Solution, WAN Data Replication, LAN/ WAN Clustering, Hierarchical Storage Management, Information Life Cycle Management, Secondary Storage Direct Access Solution, SAN & NAS Backup Solution, up to 32 nodes Servers Clustering for Windows and Unix, Volume Management & Snap-shots...etc.

    Applications and Systems Performance Management Solution: Centralized manage your mission critical Applications, Hardware Systems/ Network Devices/ VOIP Devices health condition, monitoring your environmental conditions (Temperature, humidity, electricity condition, Smoke Sensors,…etc in Data Center), provides corrective action, pin-point problems, and comprehensive reports. Ensure your operational integrity and meet your SLA.

    Clients & Servers Management Solution: Asset Management Solution, Client Management Suite, Deployment Solution, Helpdesk Solution, Inventory Solution, Security Expressions,Server Management Suite, Service & Asset Management Suite, Software Virtualization Solution Professional, Total Management Suite, Workflow Solution...etc.

  • Outsource


    Information Availability Solution and Information Security Solution Design, Backup, Provide the complete of Disaster Recovery, Information High Availability Solution, Active State Power Management Solution Design, Implementation, Training & On-site Maintenance Hosted Services for Spam Filtering, Application and System Performance Management, Virus Protection, Spyware & Malware Protection, Malicious Link Detection, Service & Repair of LTO and Tape Libraries, Tape Media Migration Service, Email Archiving, Consultation, System Design, POC, Post-sales Implementation, Internet Access Management (IAM)...etc




  • Portfolio


    • INDOSAT – Implementations and On-site Maintenance Storage Foundation, Oracle Cluster, Veritas Backup.

    • Telkom/ Telkomsel - Implementations of Storage Foundation, Veritas Backup, Solaris File Systems Cluster.

    • Federal International Finance - Implementations of Veritas Backup. Tandberg Data Tape Library.

    • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia –Implementation of Symantec (Veritas) Backup.

    • Siemens Indonesia – Symantec (Veritas) Backup Implementation. Infortrend Multi Terra Bytes Disk Array.

    • KAYABA Indonesia - Implementation of Veritas Backup.

    • Bussan Auto Finance - Implementation of Veritas Backup.

    • Gudang Garam – Implementation of WAN HA - Storage Foundation & Replication for Oracle & JDE.

    • Bank Mandiri Sekuritas Implementation of WAN HA - Storage Foundation & Volume Replication for SQL.

    • PARPOSTEL - WAN HA Implementation - Storage Foundation & Volume Replication, Infortrend Disk Array.

    • Panasonic Semiconductors Indonesia – Implementation of Storage Foundation on Linux.

    • ANGKASA PURA – Indonesian Airport Service  Provider - Symantec (Veritas)  Backup.

    • Nokia Networks Indonesia – Implementations of Symantec (Veritas)  Foundation on Sun, Veritas Backup.

    • Pertamina – Implementations of Storage Foundation for Sun, Backup Solution, Tanderg Data Tape Library.

    • Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo– Implementation of Symantec (Veritas)  Backup.


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