In this era, technology has become an inseparable aspect in business and lifestyle, that IT has become the core of business operations. Companies are applying the latest technology in their system since they realize that in order to compete in the market growth, information availability and information security are crucial; therefore, downtime should be prevented. In order to keep a balance with the IT progress, it also means the companies have to hire IT engineers, unfortunately not all companies could afford IT professionals to help them in maintaining their system.

Since 2001, PT. Aiken Tekno Indonesia has been providing professional assistance for various companies. The services starts from providing a variety of hardwares for data storage management, softwares for backup, information availability and security; and the most essential is outsourcing the team of professional IT engineers who have been specifically trained and updated with the technology trend. Our terms of services are as follow:

• Internet Access Management (IAM)

• Prove of Concept (POC)

• Post-sales Implementation

• Information Availability Solution and Information Security Solution Design

• Problem solving for Backup

• Provide the thorough appropriate steps for Disaster Recovery

• Active State Power Management Solution Design

• Professional Training Events and Workshops

• On-site Maintenance Hosted Services for Spam Filtering

• Application and System Performance Management

• Virus Protection, Spyware & Malware Protection

• Malicious Link Detection

• Service & Repair of LTO Drives and Tape Libraries

• Tape Media Migration Service

• Email Archiving

• System Design


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